Why Choose NuTek

industrial dryersAfter nearly 20 years of manufacturing its’ Ozone Laundry Support System™ (“OLSS”) for nearly every type of commercial laundry application, NuTek has quietly become the industry leader in ozone laundry and cold water washing.

NuTek’s OLSS is the only Ozone Laundry equipment, UL recognized specifically for use with commercial washers. Additionally, all NuTek OLSS models meet both US and Canadian Safety standards.

As a true manufacturer, totally focused on improving the On Premises Laundry ("OPL") environment, we install our patented OLSS™ throughout North America and around the globe.

Designed with NuTek's passive injection technology, our OLSS units ensure safe and consistent ozone levels at the wash wheel. We tailor each unit to support the washing capacity of any laundry environment. Whether you have two 50lb washers, tunnel washers, or multiple high-capacity washing machines, NuTek has a solution for you.

Through training provided by certified NuTek technicians, the commercial laundry environment has become a cleaner, more efficient, safer place to work. Our OLSS, supported by less harsh chemicals and proper laundry procedures, results in a notable reduction of water, gas and electricity consumption and costs. Every user, every budget, benefits from an investment in our OLSS. This reduction in any business's carbon footprint is an added, priceless benefit. NuTek’s commitment to sustainability has been our mantra since day one. We all have a responsibility to save our natural resources and we are proud to contribute our OLSS technology to this "green" initiative.

NuTek takes the time to educate and demonstrate.  We can assure, with your support, improved laundry results, maximum energy savings, operating cost savings, reduced chemical consumption and 99.99% disinfected linens!

NuTek’s Ozone Laundry Applications

Save Energy and Operating Costs