What is the cost of this equipment?

In nearly every application, the payback is less than 18 months. In many areas with exclusive arrangements NuTek has developed with energy providers, a quicker payback may be possible; in some cases in as little as 90 days.

How much space is needed for this equipment?

Typical equipment manufactured by NuTek is wall mounted, 22″x 20″x11″ and weighs 62 pounds. Larger units are 2 cabinet installations of similar size, mounted in proximity to one another.

Do I have to modify my washers or dryers in any way to utilize this equipment?

No. The Ozone Laundry Support System is designed to passively inject ozonated water into your washers and is completely non-invasive. There are no connections whatsoever to the dryers.

Is ozone safe for my employees?

Yes. The patented design and passive injection technology employed by NuTek ensures that an appropriate amount of ozone is injected on every fill.  Working with ozone in the laundry is safer than cleaning your home bathroom with bleach!

Will I still use chemicals after installation of the NuTek equipment?

The short answer is yes, but the harsh chemicals and bleaching components currently in use with hot water laundering will be reduced or eliminated and replaced by products that are not harmful to your linens and easier on the environment.

I am hesitant to wash with cold water. Isn't hot water needed to kill germs?

NuTek’s Ozone Laundry Support System kills 99.99% of Staph, MRSA, C-Diff and other more commonly known bacteria and viruses in the wash cycle AND in cold water.  This has been tested by an independent, accredited lab, (also used by Ecolab), in a true wash setting.

How much power does this equipment consume?

The answer varies across the different models but in a typical laundry environment the smallest system averages 6 amps, which equals what an average TV would consume, and the largest system averages 12 amps, which is equal to a microwave oven.

Are financing options available?

Yes, on a qualified basis

Do I have to change chemical vendors?

NuTek has worked with many chemical vendors quite compatibly over the years. We include the Chemical Technician as well as all Laundry and Housekeeping Staff in the Ozone training process so that everyone on your laundry team is on board and up to speed on how to maximize your savings and assure cleaner, brighter results.

Will the savings be measurable?

Yes. NuTek will provide you with a savings proposal based on your current water and utility consumption compared to what you can expect after our Ozone Laundry Support System installation. Most often, our customers see greater savings than anticipated.