Ozone Systems

The NT Series Ozone Laundry Support System was developed by NuTek and has become the leading choice in ozone for the laundry industry.  The entire platform is built as a standalone system that requires little user interaction.  Additionally, each system comes with a Five Year Limited Factory Parts and Labor Warranty. NuTek stands behind every product we manufacture, install, and service

NT-300 in Action

NT - 100

Designed to handle up to 120 pounds of total wash capacity
NT – 300

NT – 300

Designed to handle up to 400 pounds of total wash capacity
NT – 350

NT – 350

Designed to handle up to 500 pounds of total wash capacity
NT – 400

NT – 400

Designed to handle up to 700 pounds of total wash capacity

What You Should Know:

  • NuTek’s OLSS is the only Ozone Laundry equipment, UL recognized for use with commercial washers.
  • Professional installation and training to laundry staff and engineers, is provided by a Certified NuTek Technician.
  • We utilize existing washers, although results may vary due to age and condition.
  • NuTek can work with any chemical company and provides ozone friendly wash formulas.
  • Our OLSS is a stand-alone system requiring only a dedicated, grounded outlet and requires limited wall space for installation.
  • Average Ozone cabinet size: 22"L x 18"W x 11"H.
  • With recommended preventative and annual maintenance, the OLSS system life, is about 10-15 years.       
  • We stand behind our technology and provide a 5 year Limited Factory Parts & Labor Warranty.                          

More customers choose NuTek's Ozone Laundry Support System™ than all other systems combined.

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