NuTek's NT-100 Ozone Laundry Support Systems are a fully automatic, flow controlled, oxygen supported, non-invasive system. It is designed to reduce water and sewer usage, energy demand and reduce the dosages of some harsh chemicals. All components are selected on the basis of quality, reliability and energy efficiency. Passive Injection Technology™ from NuTek is an "on demand" system that with minimal daily and monthly maintenance, has an estimated life expectancy of 10-15 years.  Together with NuTek's Annual Preventative Maintenance service, you can expect energy savings for years to come.  All OLSS come with our 5-year Limited Factory Parts and Labor Warranty, are wall mounted for ease of installation and require minimal operator training and maintenance.

The OLSS from NuTek is a true plug-and-play system designed with one concept in mind - that the laundry operator notices cleaner, brighter, linen washed completely in cold water. NuTek Ozone Laundry Support Systems are installed and serviced by Certified NuTek Technicians.

Product Specifications


Up to 100 pounds for healthcare
Up to 120 pounds for hospitality
Up to 100 pounds for correctional institutions

One wall-mountable Enclosure containing Control circuitry, Ozone generator and Oxygen concentrator
Patented Passive Injection Technology that maximizes ozone contact in water
On demand system reduces energy costs and extends equipment life

Enclosure Dimensions:

1 Control Cabinet:  22”L x 18”W x 11”D
Weight:  47 pounds
Shipping Weight:  68 pounds

Ozone Generator:

Low energy, high frequency Corona discharge
Corrosion proof, ozone resistant materials
Precision flow control provides precise oxygen flow for maximum ozone output


Single desiccant canister


Input Power:  120 Volt, 60 Hz, 15 Amps
Dedicated grounded outlet required
Power Consumption:  1.2 amps, (Average Running)
Fusing:  8 Amp Breaker Switch
Safety:  Lockout on Power


Injector Assembly Water Input Connection:  ¾” Hose Thread
Injector Assembly Water Output Connection:  ¾” Hose Barb
Water Treatment Method: Ozonation
Input Water Pressure: 40 psi, Minimum
Ambient Operating Temperature: 35 to 95F