What Our Customers Say About Us

Grand View Lodge"At Grand View Lodge, we can average about 4,000 – 5,000 pounds of linen processed each day.....Over the last few years we have spent significant time researching Ozone Technology. We were skeptical of the results that were advertised, especially in regards to the quality of clean it could produce in a cold water system. I’m happy to say, our commitment to incorporating NuTek International’s ozone system into our laundry operation has been a very satisfying experience. "

Jason Kottke
Housekeeping and Laundry Director
Grand View Lodge

Best Western Premier Entrance"What I saw within the first 30 days after installation was a visible reduction in our gas bill- money saved from converting to NuTek's cold water washing program. We have even been able to reduce our drying times as a result of Ozone. Our linen is much brighter and softer also due to the ozone process."

Guy Bourn
Hotel Facilities Manager
Hollander Hospitality

Holiday Inn“I have been very satisfied my ozone machine from your company since 2009. I saved nearly $50,000 by not having to purchase a new boiler. I’ve enjoyed the gas savings and chemical savings by washing in cold water with ozone. I really appreciate the advice on wash times and your professionalism. If I can be a reference in the future please let me know.”

Joe Sefcovic
General Manager
Holiday Inn
Ann Arbor, Mi

Chevy Chase"Since the installation of the NuTek system in our laundry we have seen a noticeable improvement in linen quality, stain removal, feel and significant reductions in drying times. The stain removal exceeded our expectations and we reclaimed a significant amount of linen the savings, which were crucial in a challenging year." Jeff Brainard General Manager Chevy Chase Embassy Suites Washington, D.C.

Chula Vista"The ozone system cut hot water from 160 degree F to 110 degree F. Our linens and towels are softer and whiter."

Mike Kaminski
Chula Vista Theme Resort

Prison“Installation of the NuTek Ozone System reduced natural gas use by 88.1%, Water use by 18.8%, Chemical, Electrical and Sewer by 12-18%”

Richard Whirty
Facilities Project Manager
Santa Barbara County Jail Laundry