Have you made the commitment to "Go Green?"

Many companies have invested in "green technology" as part of their commitment to sustainability, which is simply defined as "meeting the present needs of society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

NuTek's technology contributes to sustainability through the reduced need for natural gas, electricity and water consumption in the On Premises Laundry environment. We have enjoyed working on our Customer's behalf to secure, where available, energy rebates from utility providers and energy trusts.  This review of our OLSS and the energy savings projections we prepare after doing our due diligence,  is then vetted by 3rd party utility company engineers, before any rebate is approved.   To date, NuTek Customers have enjoyed rebates ranging from 33% to 70% of total project cost - offering further substantiation of the effectiveness of our ozone technology in addition to significantly improving any return on investment.  We do all the work to investigate and submit rebate applications on your behalf as part of our value added service to NuTek Customers. 

Green Earth

Preserving natural resources is everyone's responsibility. Let us show you how NuTek can support your commitment to preserve our planet!

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NuTek will investigate and pursue, on your behalf, available utility rebates in your area. Contact us today for a free savings analysis.

“Thank you so much for all you have done to help us not only implement the NuTek Ozone system but also help in the process of applying for and receiving the rebates. We are very appreciative of everything you and your team have done for us and also look forward to a great working relationship moving forward!”

Loren Terpstra
Director of Operations
Hollander Hospitality